Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

The newest revolutionary treatment in mental health is now available at our clinic


Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a modern approach to traditional psychotherapy. Our therapy center combines our compassionate and results driven approach to counseling with the powerful effects of the only legal psychedelic medicine that is proven to help treat depression, anxiety and PTSD. We offer this service in our office or in the comfort of your home under the continuous guidance of medical professionals to help you safely receive the treatment.

Ready to Get Started?

Why Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy?

  • Ketamine can help shift the mind and open new doors while enhancing multiple neuropathways in your brain
  • Combining the drug with a psychotherapy session from one our doctors, patients can experience powerful positive shifts in mood and expect results quickly after treatment
  • The treatment is safe, controlled and easily administered orally
  • No long-term side effects or addiction risks
  • Helps foster change in the patient’s mindset
  • Improves enjoyment of life and connections in patient’s relationships
  • The treatment can be customized for each patient, based on a multitude of factors
  • Treatment can be administered from the comfort of your home via online video counseling


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Frequently Asked Questions:


How Does it Work?

KAP works with either low-to-moderate dose ketamine lozenges administered by a medical professional and monitored by a psychological counselor. Our licensed psychologists and psychotherapists work in partnership with physicians, who provide medical monitoring and supervision during treatment.

What are the Benefits of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy?

KAP can help shift the mind calmly with low doses in a monitored setting. The shift in mindset can foster change and healing to take place. During a psychotherapy session, patients can experience a shift in consciousness and an expanded state of awareness. This may translate to improved enjoyment of life, a renewed sense of connections in relationships, and overall positive mood elevation. Other benefits can also include birth in novel ways to view life concerns and freedom from the anxiety deeply rooted in our ordinary mindsets. Ultimately, KAP offers a real-time reflection on this experience to enhance growth and change.

How Long Do Treatments Last?

Before treatment begins, patients will consult with a clinician during an intake session to determine if KAP will be a good fit and identify treatment goals. Once a treatment plan has been established, a single session may last 90 minutes to 3 hours in length. The varying length of time depends upon dose, response to the medicine, recovery time and other factors discussed during the Intake session. While some patients may request a single KAP session, we recommend committing to an individualized treatment course that may occur over several weeks. Traditional therapy may also be part of the treatment process to provide support, incorporate insights, and reinforce positive change.

What Does Ketamine Treat?

PTSD / Trauma, Depression; Anxiety; Unresolved issues from childhood; Rejoining life after a

major illness; Grief & Loss; Addiction, Feeling stuck, and End of Life distress related to dying.

Is it Safe?

Of course!  All treatments we provide have been tested in clinical settings over the course of many months and ensuring the safety of our patients is always our number one priority.  During COVID, we allow patients to take it from the safety of their home for low risk, monitored sessions to ensure a controlled session.

How Do I Know if Ketamine is the Right Treatment for Me?

We don’t know until we meet with you and do a full evaluation of your medical history, current state, and desired results from this treatment.  We would ask you to request a consult with one of our psychotherapists first.

Is Ketamine Covered by Insurance?

No, currently Ketamine is not covered by any major insurance carriers.  However, we do offer a $300 discount for first time patients and their initial treatment.

How Much Does KAP Cost?

We would ask you to schedule a virtual or in person consultation (if you are comfortable) with one of our psychotherapists to see if you are a candidate for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy. Depending on your customized treatment plan that you discuss with our medical professionals, we would lay out a schedule for you complete with payments per treatment.  As always, we strive to work with clients from a financial perspective and have multiple options for you to receive the treatment you need.  Especially if Ketamine is the right treatment for you.  If you are interested in starting treatment, please reach out to us below.